November  6th  2019


The Pedestrian Access for Village Enhancement PAVE project is continuing apace here.    Minister of Transport and Works Hon Julian Francis while speaking on his weekly radio program last night says that the first phase of the project is expected to conclude soon to make way for the second phase which will commence in January of next year.  

Mr. Francis said that the project will provide employment for a number of local contractors.     Some 40 miles of footpaths will be paved under the project, which is being funded by the United Arab Emirates and the organization- Dubai Cares.

It is being implemented by the Ministry of Transport and Works and the Roads Buildings and General Services Authority, (BRAGSA).  The project is expected to run for more than a year.


The major crimes unit in the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVPF) has launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the shooting of Mr. Lionel “Gobbler” George of Rockies which occurred in Middle Street, Kingstown in the vicinity of Prescott’s shop, yesterday.

The police in a release say that according to information received from a reliable source, the victim and his common law wife who conduct business in Middle Street were unpacking clothing for sale to members of the public - when about 9:02 am, a male suspect came from the direction of Gonsalves Liqours and pointed a gun at the victim and fired off several bullets at the victim’s body. As a result, the victim sustained injuries to his body. He was later rushed to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) where he was treated by a team of medical doctors. 

The suspect in this case is Mr. Lejay “SOUPS” Alexander for whom a wanted bulletin was issued. The suspect has since surrendered himself to the police at the Major Crimes Unit in the company of his lawyer, Mr. Grant Connell.

Persons with information about this and other crimes are advised to contact any police station in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, or the Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Crime at Telephone # 456-1339 or 457-1211 ext. 217 or Officer in charge CID/CRO/MCU at 456-1810 or 457-1211 ext. 216, 220. All information received will be treated confidentially.

The police report further noted that St. Vincent and the Grenadines still remains a safe and peaceful country. It says that these and other shootings according to police intelligence are mostly drug related. Nonetheless, no effort is being speared by law enforcement officials to maintain law and order and to bring the perpetrators of crimes to justice.


The Ministry of National Mobilisation through the Co-operative and Community Development Division, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, GECCU, KCCU, SVUTCC, Police Credit Union and the National Lotteries Authority is this week celebrating 40 years of the School Co-operatives Thrift Programme with a week of activities.

The activities commenced on Monday with a Thanksgiving Service in Kingstown. The activities continue today Wednesday 6th; with a National School Co-operative Thrift Awards ceremony. It is anticipated that some 162 students ranging from early Childhood educational institutions, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools will be recognized for their outstanding savings achievements in the programme. Tomorrow Thursday 7th; is dubbed “School Co-operative Agri-business Emphasis Day”.  On this day visits and promotional talks will made to a number of schools engaged in poultry rearing, vegetable farming and local fruit juice processing and marketing.    

As at October 31, 2019, there are approximately 12,797 students on the School Co-operative Thrift programme with total savings amounting to EC $ 1.63 million dollars. Registrar of Co-operatives Mr. Patterson Homer has indicated that 96% of these savings are retained in the Credit Union sector.


The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC), alongside its partners will host its 2019 icode784 Competition Grand Finale and Prize Giving Ceremony next week. 

This event will be held at the Kingstown Methodist Church Hall on Tuesday November 12, 2019 from 9:00am - 5:00pm. Teams representing various secondary schools across SVG and citizens under the age of 35 years will compete in their respective categories at the event.

Members of the public would be able to vote for their favorite team via NTRC’s website (www.ntrc.vc/vote). Voting opens for a period of thirty minutes after presentations are completed for each category on Tuesday November 12, 2019.



The United States on Tuesday vowed to maintain maximum pressure to topple Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro as it slapped sanctions on five more officials. 

"While Maduro and his associates continue to enrich themselves, the Venezuelan people suffer brutality, violence and oppression at the hands of the intelligence, security and armed forces," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement.

The action "demonstrates the United States' continuing commitment to maintain maximum pressure on the former Maduro regime to help ensure a democratic transition in Venezuela," he said.

The five officials — whose US interests, if any, will be blocked — include Remigio Ceballos, a senior naval admiral who has vowed to block foreign aid, and Jose Ornelas Ferreira, secretary general of the National Defense Council which Washington blamed for excessive use of force against demonstrators and journalists.

President Donald Trump in January declared Maduro illegitimate after a widely criticised election, with most Western and Latin American nations recognizing opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim president. But nearly a year of pressure has failed to dislodge Maduro, who retains the support of the military, Russia and China despite a crumbling economy.


Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Chairman, St Lucia's Prime Minister Allen Chastanet is calling on all stakeholders in Haiti to engage in meaningful dialogue to resolve the political crisis that has paralysed the normal functioning of all sectors of the country and created a situation of extreme hardship for the people. 

In a statement on Tuesday, he said CARICOM is willing to facilitate that dialogue.

Dozens of people have been killed and wounded, while foreign embassies and other property have been attacked, in ramped up demonstrations across Haiti in recent weeks as opposition parties try to force President Jovenel Moise out of office. They have accused Moise of mismanaging funds from the PetroCaribe initiative but he has denied all allegations.

Chastanet said CARICOM is “saddened and concerned” by the deepening of the crisis in Haiti and “deplores the destruction of property and livelihoods, the deteriorating humanitarian situation and the increasing death toll resulting from the breakdown of law and order, which has intensified over the past seven weeks”.

“While CARICOM supports fully the enjoyment of the right to freedom of assembly, we urge that this be done in a lawful manner. Chastanet said that the protracted political crisis which has upset the political and economic stability of the country and prolonged the disruption of the daily activities of its people can only be resolved peacefully through constructive dialogue. He adds that CARICOM therefore appeals to all parties involved to commence a meaningful discourse, in good faith, to restore order and normalcy to Haiti.

“In this regard, CARICOM reiterates its offer of good offices to facilitate a political dialogue between the parties,” Chastanet said.

CARICOM further called on all parties to recognise the damage that is being done and to refrain from any further action that would hinder the peaceful resolution of differences and the return to peace and calm in Haiti.



A total of 749 students who sat the 2019 examinations for their CSEC, CAPE and Associate Degrees will on Friday November 8th 2019 be presented with the $500.00 gift award for their outstanding performance.

To be eligible for the award, CSEC students must have gained five passes (Grades I to III) including Mathematics and English A. CAPE students must have gained passes (Grades I to V) in at least two two-Unit subjects as well as in the single Unit Communication Studies (or Caribbean Studies) in two consecutive years. Students in the various Associate Degree programmes must have gained at least a B - average. The recipients are categorised as such CSEC: 373, CAPE: 222 and Associate Degrees: 154

 Of the recipients who gained Associate Degrees and will receive the award from the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College, forty-four (44) are from the Division of Arts, Sciences and General Studies; fifty-six (56) from the Division of Technical and Vocational Education, and fifty-four (54) from the Division of Teacher Education.

Recipients of the award are asked to present themselves at the Villa Campus of the SVGCC at 9:00 a.m on November 8, 2019, with proof of identity bearing a photograph.


 The Ministry of Education, National Reconciliation and Information is currently conducting registration of students for the May/June 2019 CSEC and CAPE examinations and expresses gratitude to all principals and teachers for the critical role which they play in our students' development. The Ministry of Education, National Reconciliation and Information also acknowledges the invaluable contribution made by our stakeholders and partners to the enterprise of education. The foregoing is the fulfillment of an obligation to reward all students whose performance meets established standards of excellence.


Police here are investigating a shooting incident that occurred in capital city Kingstown earlier this morning.

According to local reports Lionel George of Rockies received gunshots to his head in the vicinity of Bonadie #1 and Viera supermarkets in Kingstown and was rushed to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. It is not clear what his current state is.


A fair-trade workshop for small medicinal cannabis farmers will be convened here later this week.     The event is expected to culminate in the formulation of a fair-trade charter or protocol for the medicinal cannabis industry.

Organizers say the outcome of the workshop is expected to be used in a global context and would be considered a significant development, once achieved. The workshop is being organized by Transnational Institute-TNI in collaboration with the Medicinal Cannabis Authority (MCA) and the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cannabis Revival Committee (CRC). It will run from November 8 -11. The TNI is an international research and advocacy institute committed to building a just, democratic and sustainable world. TNI has served as a unique nexus between social movements, engaged scholars and policy makers for more than 40 years. 

Day one of the workshop will bring together a group of more than one hundred traditional cannabis cultivators for exchange and learning. The second and third days will bring together policy makers and influencers in a smaller group setting, while the last day will see participants engaged in a field trip to observe what’s happening on the ground in respect of the local medicinal cannabis industry. Participants will attend from the CARICOM Ganja Commission, Colombia, Jamaica Cannabis Licensing Authority as well as from Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados and Saint Lucia.


A Business Symposium was held here yesterday, as part of activities to commemorate Financial Information Month.    The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank in collaboration with its Financial Information Month (FIM) partners hosted the Business Symposium at the NIS Conference Facility.

Topics that were addressed include Preparing for Uncertainty – Financial Tools to Help protect everyone and Protecting your Finances – the Role of the Financial Services Authority.

The session had as its theme “Plan for Uncertainty – Make Insurance a Priority”.

Financial Information Month is a Regional Financial, Economic, Business and Entrepreneurial Education Campaign executed in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU).



Jamaica's Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett on Monday handed over US$50,000 to Director General of the Bahamas Tourism and Aviation Ministry, Joy Jibrilu at the second Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management Centre (GTRCM) Board of Governors Meeting held in London. 

The money forms part of the overall relief fund established by the GTRCM to support tourism-ravaged economies impacted by disruptions such as natural disasters and pandemics.    “This donation symbolises the Centre's commitment to assisting tourism dependent states that are vulnerable to disruptions to recover and rebound. Two islands of the Bahamas suffered much damage from the passage of hurricane Dorian and still needs support to rebuild and this contribution will go towards that,” Bartlett said.

In collaboration with the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA), the GTRCM is providing US$100,000 in support of the tourism ravaged economies of the Bahamas and other areas in the Caribbean that may be impacted in the future.

The JHTA has contributed US$20,000 to assist in relief efforts through the United Nations World Tourism Organization and the GTRCM.    In accepting the donation, Jibrilu said “On behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation and Government of the Bahamas, I am pleased to accept this contribution which will help with our recovery and rebuilding efforts. This show of support is deeply appreciated and shows the importance of collaboration on issues of disaster and crisis management.”

The fund will also go towards the commissioning of a baseline study to assess the vulnerabilities of the Caribbean to major disruptions such as hurricanes, pandemics and epidemics and building capacity to deal with them.